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Hollywood Painting & Drywall

Specializes in a number of jobs that will fill your painting needs such as custom wall coverings, wood finishing and refinishing, electrostatic painting, and texture coating, just to name a few. we specialize in painting for the commercial sector with high quality standards.

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We are always available to give the best service and attention to our clients.

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A team of specialists capable of maximizing the result.

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you can be 100% sure that it will be delivered right on time.

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All of the operations being transparent and clear for clients, and our offers are better than our competitors.

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We are the Painting Company

If your property is in need of painting, call us today for a FREE ESTIMATE. Our experienced crews can handle a wide variety of projects from small interior to large exterior paint jobs. Your satisfaction is our top priority and providing long lasting finishes is what we strive to create.

Mission Statement:

To provide our customers with exceptional craftsmanship through having a total commitment to the details and standing behind the paint work we do. – To provide customer service that meets our customers expectations founded on integrity, reliability and professionalism – To offer continual leadership and field training that benefits our employees and customers, utilizing the latest paint equipment and coating technology – To enjoy the work we do and the benefits of a job well done – To work as a team to be the best in the paint industry

We paint commercial, industrial, apartment, condo complexes and homes in Nashville, Madison, Franklin, Brentwood, Spring hills, Gallatin, Hendersonville and surroundings.

We specialize in large scale, high rises, difficult access, off hour and time constrained jobs.

In Hollywood Painting & Drywall, We combine quality workmanship, superior knowledge and low prices to provide you with service unmatched by our competitors.

We pride ourselves on prompt service. We are quick in our estimate returns to customers after initial meetings. All of our long standing employees represent our company character.

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Hollywood Painting & Drywall is a leading developer of A-grade commercial and industrial projects in USA. Since its foundation the company has doubled its turnover year on
year, with its staff numbers swelling accordingly.


Our commercial painters have decades of experience working in the most demanding industries. As such, we are the optimal choice for the most difficult tasks, including medical facility painting projects.


We serve customers that range from strip mall locations to convenience stores. If you need repairs performed or just want to schedule preventative maintenance, give us a call.


We provide a detailed, written proposal specific to your business that clearly outlines our painting services and the total cost of your paint job.

04Pressure Washing

High pressure machines are carefully used to wash surfaces including wood, vinyl siding, concrete, stucco, and more. Our experienced professionals adjust water pressure and stream concentration to remove dirt and mold without damaging surfaces. Areas are cleared of all objects to prevent damage and provide a safe working area.


If you need siding for your new construction, remodel or home improvement project, Hollywood Painting and Drywall is the company to call. We offer siding installation services to give your home a fresh look. Choose from a variety of siding options, and we’ll install them with great attention to detail and the utmost respect for your time and property. 


Normally fences will just wear out and need to be replaced entirely but there are exceptions. Fences can be partially damaged by storms or accidents where it is more economical to replace the damaged section than the entire fence. The same holds true for expensive fencing like wrought iron. If rust appears on parts of the fence it's far more efficient to treat the rust than replace the fence.


Hollywood painting & Drywall is the company for your crown molding needs. In addition to specializing in providing quality painting services, we also offer customers services such as installing and painting crown molding.


Hollywood Painting & Drywall provides painting and decorating services at a level significantly above the competition through superior client service, outstanding quality, responsible, capable crews, high quality products, innovative techniques, and a continuous drive to learn and improve.


Our great quality exterior painting service isn't just an excellent way to quickly freshen your home's appearance - it's a tough, long lasting solution for keeping the home that you love in great repair.


A banister handrail on a staircase gets touched a lot, and over time, the oils from your skin can damage the paint, and the simple act of sliding your hand along the handrail can wear away the paint.

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A fresh coat of paint can breathe life into any room, exterior or piece of furniture. Whether you have an indoor or outdoor paint job, our experienced team of home improvement professionals can help.
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