After months and months of waiting, it’s finally  summer here in Nashville! If you are anything like Hollywood Painting & Drywall, you are ready to get outside and enjoy a little sunshine. Once you begin spending a little more time outside, however, you may wonder if your home is as ready to greet summer as you are. We offer a variety of home painting services that will get your house looking and feeling ready for the warmer weather. Just so you don’t get overwhelmed, we have compiled a simple list of just four easy steps to get your house from winter to summer in no time.

Step 1: Check for peeling paint or cracks; sand and repaint.

Simply painting over these problem areas does not solve any issues, at least not in the long run. In order to find a quality solution, the affected area must be sanded down prior to painting.

Step 2: Repair and repaint any damaged trim.

Old, peeling trim isn’t doing your house any favors. Similarly, warped or broken trim isn’t helping either. To help get your home summer ready, we will make sure all of your trim is functioning properly. Then, we will scrape and sand as necessary, and finish with a brand new paint job. You may want to consider some bright new shade for a fun pop of color!

Step 3: Power wash your home.

Power washing is a fantastic way to get all the grunge of fall and winter off of your house. In some cases, power washing can make the entire house seem like it is a completely new color! In addition to your home’s exterior, power washing can also be beneficial for your deck or fencing.

Step 4: Wash, repair, or replace window screens.

In keeping with the idea that you want things to be functional and aesthetically pleasing, make sure that your windows are looking and working their best.

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