Project Description

  • Client: CROSSFIT
  • Location: Hendersonville,TN
  • Gross Building Area: Approx: 7,500 Ft Sq
  • Project started: 2017 / March
  • Project complited: 2017 / April
  • Supervisor: Gustavo Melgoza
  • Category:

Service Overview

The main mission of this project was to renovate and give strength to the Gymnasium with a modern and alternate image. The wood finishes became a priority to achieve a touch of something country responding to the atmosphere of the place where the Gym is located.

Costumers Wishes

For our Client, it was important to enhance the country touch within the Gymnasio facilities, He putted in our hands the responsibility of achieving a balance between the modern and the elegant with the casual and rustic, in this way, we could convey the feeling that you were in a real training center.