Residential Painting vs. Commercial Painting

Many painting contractors only take one and not the other kind of painting job, meaning some would only do commercial and some would do exclusively residential. Each group would have a host of reasons why one is better than the other to support their position. And in fact, the residential painting is quite different from commercial. Let us explain.

Commercial painting contractors have to be able to keep pace with the schedule, work closely with other contractors and handle high stress levels. They need to be very skilled estimators and managers because commercial projects, especially the larger ones, tend to present more surprises and challenges, often requiring a second pass with significant amount of time. To sum it up, the commercial painter is production and efficiency oriented.

A typical residential painting contractor is more relaxed and details oriented. Residential jobs require a high degree of communication with owners/designers and high quality. Residential painters are receptive to the owner/designer requests and enjoy a much more predictable working environment. They are used to performing extensive preparations, taking care of the furniture, etc. and minding their work ethics. And while new construction residential painting projects are somewhat similar to the commercial ones, the remodeling projects are different.

Professional painting contractors develop specific skill-sets that are needed for their specialty. Since residential and commercial environments, requirements, and expectation are so different, being able to tackle both requires a much broader set of skills. Another point, the materials (and sometimes techniques) used for commercial applications often remain unknown outside of a commercial realm.

So, having experience with both types of painting jobs and that broad skill-set and knowledge are very helpful and beneficial. For example, good communication skills and attention to details of a residential painter will be very much appreciated by a restaurant or a shop owner contracting a painting company, just as much as the ability to work efficiently and provide a precise estimate. And a versatile painter might offer you some options that no strictly residential painter will.

Painters at Hollywood Painting & Drywall have worked on both residential and commercial projects. We know both types of jobs and can put our cross-type experience to work for the benefit of a home or a business owner alike. Call Us to start your next painting project.


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