Pressure Washing

At least once a year, homeowners should have a pressure washing company power wash the exterior of their home. The exterior of your home is continually exposed to outdoor elements(weather, chemicals, dirt, etc…).


If you need siding for your new construction, remodel or residential improvement project, Exterior Painting in Nashville, Interior Painting in Nashville, Hollywood Painting and Drywall is the painting company to call. We offer a lot of different painting services to give your home a fresh look.
Fencing Hollywood Painting Company


Normally fences will just wear out and need to be replaced entirely but there are exceptions. Fences can be partially damaged by storms or accidents where it is more economical to replace the damaged section than the entire fence.
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Hollywood painting & Drywall is the company for your crown molding needs. In addition to specializing in providing quality painting services, we also offer customers services such as installing and painting crown molding.
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Hollywood Painting & Drywall provides painting and decorating services at a level significantly above the competition through superior client service, outstanding quality, responsible, capable crews, high quality products, innovative techniques, and a continuous drive to learn and improve.
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We understand how much you care about your house, and we make it a point to be the exterior painting company that you come to for a job you can trust.
Hollywood Painting


A banister handrail on a staircase gets touched a lot, and over time, the oils from your skin can damage the paint, and the simple act of sliding your hand along the handrail can wear away the paint.


Staining the stairs as quickly as possible while still maintaining equal amounts of placement will help in making sure the color will be the same throughout the process.
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